Our Process

We want to guide you through the most stress-free design and construction process possible. To help you create a space that you absolutely love and feel passionate about living in.

Our process can save thousands of dollars in unexpected costs. With thoughtful design and careful planning, we work as a team to solve issues before it’s too late. We save time and money through efficiency because the person designing your space is also the person opening walls and managing the project. This eliminates layers of communication between architects, project managers, and subcontractors —
and gets you into your dream home without delay. Our open and frequent communication helps ensure the design is built exactly the way you want it. The first time. Including all the little details.

Communication is important at each milestone. Even more effective are the casual interactions that can happen several times a week or even daily. This rapport means that your questions and concerns about timing, budget and activities are addressed immediately. It also ensures that you get a result that is exactly right for you. For example, we often have discussions with clients during the construction phase about slight wall location adjustments that enhance the feeling in space or improve clearance for certain activities. Other similar discussions revolve around switch placement, light fixture location, shower fixture height, and final molding details. All these things take you from liking to LOVING your results.

A successful construction phase depends on attentive project management. We refer to the schedule and flow chart created in the project planning phase to make sure subcontractor timing is efficient, fixtures and materials are available, and to inform our clients when to expect certain activities. The quality of the work and a process that is as enjoyable as possible depends on great subcontractors. There is a huge difference between workers who are just doing a job and those who enjoy mutual respect with their general contractor and inherently want to do good work. As well as keep your home safe and clean.


“"I always felt like he was genuinely interested in helping me feel comfortable through the process and always took the time I wanted to explain things I didn’t understand or to help me make decisions."" —Mary