Our Team At Work

Steve Howell, Ballard Forge

Steve is a master metalworker. Here he is riveting the support structure for the loft we built in Capitol Hill. Keep listening to hear about his famous, yet unusual project.

Harry Foosness, HP Plumbing

See how decades of experience, grace, precision and care are used by Harry and his team to create mounting holes for shower fixtures.

Bill Hinnenbusch, Ballard Electrical Service

Meet Bill. See him in the “rough-in” phase installing electrical boxes, then in the “trim out” phase installing smoke detectors and light bulbs.

Todd Reed, TRS Construction

If it’s wood, Todd is an expert. Learn one of his leveling tricks for installing cabinets.

Hugo Cardona, Painting and Finishing

Curious about pickling wood? This is Hugo’s own unique process used to create white-washed wood. The process is traditionally called pickling.

Pete and Ernie, Custom Designed Counter Tops

Watch these two give a master class on quartz counter installation at one of our projects.

Barton Drywall, Drywall Installation

See 3 foot stilts being used to install drywall and create beautiful, smooth and flat walls.

Tim Wheeler Masonry Construction

Watch Victor’s patience, care and precision as he fills in an open area of exterior masonry wall.

Specialty Trades

Glass Forming
Metal Fabrication
Metal Finishing


“His subs are especially wonderful. He uses people who are excellent at their crafts. Brian has ongoing relationships with them, which made me very confident with their work.”

"Brian Heidsiek is our idea of a valuable contractor. He has high standards, and expects and gets quality work from his subcontractors."

"His subcontractors and specialists were also very nice, helpful, and interacted with me in a way that showed they really care about the project and about me, too. I really can’t say enough about my experience with Brian and Come Home."

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