Our Testimonials

“I wish I could give Come Home 10 stars!!! This project was perfect from start to finish. Brian was very attentive to all the details when we were planning our new kitchen, from the workflow to where we would keep the pots and pans! Once the construction started everything flowed so smoothly—there were no surprises, no mistakes. The project came in on budget, and Brian and his subcontractors were easy to work with. We are more than thrilled with the results. Please check his Houzz page for all the pictures of our beautiful kitchen.”
- Pam and Paul

"After Brian finished with my home a friend saw the results and said "the lucky person is the one working with Brian at the moment." Brian really is amazing. Not just with his care and quality but in the way he interacted with me. I hired him and his company for a major interior remodel and kitchen. He finished on time and within budget. He was also polite and kind which is something I didn’t expect. He usually picked up the phone or called back right away and welcomed my questions. I always felt like he was genuinely interested in helping me feel comfortable through the process and always took the time I wanted to explain things I didn’t understand or to help me make decisions. He helped with the entire process from design and how to use the space and aesthetic options to the functional, structural and practical things, too. I’m not surprised also that his subcontractors and specialists were also very nice, helpful, and interacted with me in a way that showed they really care about the project and about me, too. I really can’t say enough about my experience with this company. I think he is exceptional and rare in the world of contracting. I agree with my friend that the one working with Brian is the lucky one at the moment..”

“I am a residential real estate agent who also manages a large multifamily building, built in 1926. I've hired Brian for numerous repair and improvement projects for this building, along with at our home. Brian has always done excellent work, on time and on budget, with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity I've ever encountered with a contractor. I've been referring him to my real estate clients for over 5 years now and all my clients have been really happy with Brian's work as well. Brian delivers exceptional value—which I define as absolute top-notch quality of work for a reasonable price. Brian also has an excellent design eye and is extremely helpful to any homeowner wanting to do a remodel and looking for advice on design and materials. Creative design, excellent craftsmanship, a pleasure to work with—I always recommend Brian with great enthusiasm!”

“Most homeowners are not experts in, or have much experience remodeling their homes. As we belong in this category, having Come Home as the contractor for a rather extensive remodel of our home was a source of satisfaction. Brian Heidsiek is our idea of a valuable contractor. He has high standards, and expects and gets quality work from his subcontractors. Brian's years of construction and design experience were evident in how he approached our project: his vision of colors, types of wood treatment, sources of construction materials, ideas for improving our initial plans, and relationships with local product resources were instrumental in our understanding and ultimately, our decision-making. And certainly not a minor detail, our project was completed on time despite subcontractors being inordinately busy. Coupled with attention to detail and quality work, Brian is a great communicator. Often one hears of remodeling projects turning out badly and/or severely over budget. A common thread of these failed projects is often lack of communication between the homeowner and contractor. Our experience with Come Home was replete with open, candid and frequent communication. Brian was open to suggestions, our changes of mind, and choices in selection. If you are considering a remodel of your home, you should include Come Home in your planning.”

“Brian’s work updating the kitchen and other areas of my house was excellent. His design sense helped a great deal when deciding on colors, materials and other choices. His ideas added to the success of the project helped make it very successful. He listened carefully, clarified details and provided excellent resources for me to decide the specifics of what I wanted to do. He communicates well, returns phone calls, keeps appointments, meets scheduled deadlines and gives clear explanations. He does what he says he will do, when he says he’ll do it. He is committed to excellent work. His subs are especially wonderful. He uses people who are excellent at their crafts. Brian has ongoing relationships with them, which made me very confident with their work. The work by the painters included several areas of the house and different applications. They were excellent. I recommend Brian to others and would work with him again.”

“Brian is a class act all the way. We contracted with him to renovate a century-old fixer-upper home that was in really bad shape. From day 1 his calm and friendly demeanor was extremely reassuring as we tried to squeeze the ideal work plan within our budget. He was honest with us throughout the process and ultimately executed very high-quality work. I can't stress enough how valuable it was to have his quick and honest feedback during both the design and build phases of the project. His responses were always timely, and the work finished on time as well. To top it all off, he went above and beyond in facilitating extra paperwork required for this particular project. In the end, we were blown away with the final product. The house is more safe, secure, and MUCH better looking than when we first started. Hats off to a quality contractor!”

“Brian, It was the best of times it was the worst of times, until you came along and transformed the lodge. We as a brotherhood are very reflective on the state of the lodge and to be honest we were in a dubious state. When one thing starts unfolding, we aren’t quite as disciplined, aren’t quite as scholarly, and not the gentlemen we strive to be. You have restored order, my friend. I apologize for any difficult people you have had to deal with or for any time you have felt like you work went unnoticed. WE APPRECIATE YOU more than you know. Thank you for everything you’ve done. We’ll miss your hard working drive and personality.”
-The Chi Psi Brotherhood

“I've worked with Brian a number of times over the past year—first on my rental house in Wallingford, and then on our family home in Magnolia.  Brian was fantastic to work with and did a tremendous job.  Our family home looks beautiful (new basement, better windows, bathroom and lots of little touches that really make the place shine).  And our rental property in Wallingford is now commanding $500 more per month in rent (updated kitchen and numerous other improvements).  Brian is one of those rare contractors who really takes care of his clients—listening carefully to their needs and wants, and then taking special care to make certain the job is done absolutely perfectly so that everyone is 100% satisfied with the result.  Brian is highly passionate about his work and really becomes your friend over the course of each job.  He's on time, on budget and a pleasure to work with.  I'm highly recommending Brian to all of our friends!”
- Jason

“I’m tickled pink!”

“Thank you so much for your great work on all our diverse projects—from our new kitchen, and installing steps and a retaining wall in our yard. Your work was superb and all your ideas so very helpful. When I was showing a friend the improvements, she commented, “Brian doesn’t do anything halfway!” We also benefitted from your designer’s eye and excellent suggestions, which really improved our original ideas. We look forward to working with you again soon—next to the bathroom!”

“Brian communicates, advises, returns calls, shows up as scheduled, completes the project and to the highest standards. He really delivers.”
-Barbara and Jim